Making a Mola

Learn how to make a Mola, a form of textile art that originated within Panama with the women of the Kuna tribe in the San Blas Islands. This guide gives you background on what a Mola is, instructions on how to make one and examples of previously made Molas. A fun look into the indigenous cultures which reside in Panama!

Performing Two Mexican Dances

In this guide, students will be given instructions on how to perform two dances from Mexico, Los Viejitos and El Fado Blanquita. Each instruction includes a background on the dance and how it is often performed. This is a chance for students to be active in learning a different culture!


In this unit, there are lesson plans for all grade levels including elementary, middle and high school. Each grade level has a different focus but this unit generally covers Mexican Muralists, the significance of murals and even allows for students to create their own murals using symbols, colors and more to display a message.

Migajon Art

A guide to making Migajon Art, a form of culinary art using bread dough as a base to your art, taking the place of clay or another base material. This guide includes instructions for different types of dough to use and a few notes about the history of Migajon Art.

Matchbox Shrines

In this lesson, students will learn the significance of Matchbox Shrines and how in regions such as Mexico, shrines are made for family members who are alive and those who have passed. Students will get the opportunity to match Matchbox Shrines which are a fun and easy way to create art to honor someone or something special in your life. Matchbox Shrines are small and portable, allowing for students to make what they put on it up to their interpretation!

Making a Papier Mache Pinata

In this lesson, students will learn how to make a papier mache pinata which is a common structure used to hold toys, candy and more. This is commonly used at birthday parties and holiday events within Mexico. Students can make one pinata together or they can make their own! This process takes several days but is a fun way to teach students about a different culture and how they celebrate holidays.

Frida Kahlo and Beyond

This unit includes a lesson plan for each level of education including elementary, middle and high school. These lessons explore the life of Frida Kahlo, a famous Mexican artist. The unit as a whole begins with a short summary of her life and career as an artist. Each lesson plan is tailored to its own subject including self-portraits, heritage and art.

Treasures of the Palice Pavilion

This learning packet mainly focuses on educating students on the history of Art in Mexico, particularly in Pre-Columbian times and allows students to create their own plaster or paper plate masks after learning about the significance of these masks within Mexico.

Taste Some Brazilian Foods

This lesson acquaints students with some of Brazil's foods and Brazilian meal patterns to help them prepare Brazilian dishes such as a Mango Freeze on their own.

Play Some Brazilian Games

Students will learn how to play games that Brazil children play such as the Circle Game O Sapo (The Frog) and O Barco Virou (The boat overturned)
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