Project Gutenberg's Through the Brazilian Wilderness by Theodore Roosevelt

This e book is the primary account of Theodore Roosevelt and his expedition through the Brazilian "wilderness". His main concerns were mamma-logy and ornithology and is a great read to compare to how Brazil is represented now versus before.

Maps of the Caribbean and Central America

This resource contains three maps that focus on the Caribbean and Central American region and countries.

Maps of Caribbean

This resource contains 3 images of the Caribbean region and surrounding land regions. The first map shows major shipping lanes within the Caribbean region and sea, with the second including the basins and the third labeling the specific countries that exist in and near the Caribbean such as smaller countries of St.Lucia and Barbados.

Map of Panama Canal Zone

This resource is an image mapping out the Panama Canal Zone and is a great tool to use when teaching about the Panama Canal or he country of Panama in general.

Map of 10 Countries in Latin America compared to the U.S.

This resource provides an image displaying the size comparison between Mexico and several other Latin American countries to the United States. This is a good tool to use when teaching about geography and demographics.

Introducing Ecuador Booklet

This booklet is a great resource to use when teaching about Ecuador. A map of Ecuador is included, along with background on the history, people, geography, economy and current situation of Ecuador. This booklet focuses on the future of children in Ecuador and how history has shaped how children will grow up in today's Ecuador.

Guide to Murals in Tucson, Arizona

This resource provides background information on the mural movement in Tucson, Arizona and what inspired the artists who created these murals. Maps and lists of the murals are noted in the resource. A great way to learn about these murals would be to visit them physically. There are a variety of murals to visit and see!

Negating Misconceptions about the Amazon

In this lesson, students will research specific geographical aspects of the Amazon region and will identify commonly held misconceptions about the Amazon region. Myths will be presented and debunked. Students will be given the opportunity to create a final project in which they focus on a particular aspect of the Amazon region using the knowledge they learned when debunking myths and misconceptions.

Brazil's Changing Capitals: A Lesson in Site and Situation

By investigating the movement of Brazil's capital from Salvador to Rio de Janiero to Brasilia, students will discover how a city's importance is related to its site and situation. They will be able to describe and evaluate the site and situation characteristics of a city. For the materials, email our OUtreach Coordinator Clea Conlin at

Brazil: Order and Progress Unit

This unit begins with an overview of Brazil's geography, history, culture and various social and political issues. Students will then research one of these topics and present their detailed research findings to their peers in a formal presentation, followed by a group theatrical presentation.
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