El Sabor del Caribe/A Taste of the Carribean

The purpose of this unit is to infuse Caribbean culture into the Spanish curriculum, with a focus on Puerto Rico, using oral and written literature. The topic of this unit is literature in the Caribbean and the subtopic is food. Students will learn the physical and agricultural geography of the Caribbean and identify foods of the Caribbean. There are three lessons included in this unit.

The Geopolitics of Water: Two Case Studies on the Brazil and Turkey Dam Projects

Students will understand the major problems related to water by knowing specific trends shaping the politics of water including privatization and globalization. Students will focus on the Brazil and Turkey Dam Projects, using their knowledge of water politics to analyze the change in access and affordability of water within these projects.

Brazil Unit

Students will analyze primary sources, role play, study maps and interpret events in history to gain an enduring understanding of the forced movement of people and culture from Africa to Brazil.

2 Maps of Brazil

The first map compares the size of Brazil to the United States and the second map compares the countries of Europe to the size of Brazil. Useful tool when teaching about Brazil's geography.

Animals of Ecuador and Virginia

This unit is designed for beginning English speakers of other languages and is geared toward all student at a primary English reading level who find animals interesting and the animals of Ecuador especially engaging. Students will learn English by listening to stories about Animals in Ecuador and will create their own PowerPoint focusing on 3 animals they choose to research, presenting it to the class as a final check of their understanding. Students will compare animals of Ecuador to animals of Virginia in order to stimulate critical thinking by comparing and contrasting fauna/animals.

The Way to Venezuela Lesson Plan

In this lesson, students will investigate various faucets of Venezuelan culture, politics, history and current events to develop an introductory chapter of a guidebook to the country. They then speculate on how the recent ousting and reinstatement of President Hugo Chavez might affect the information provided in their guidebook introduction.

Let's Tour Caracas

This lesson provides students with a general idea of what the capital city of Venezuela is like. Students will be able to describe Caracas briefly, after breaking an stereotype created by the media.

A Demographer's Task

In this lesson, students will be able to give a general description of the population of Venezuela, making use of the skills and vocabulary learned through this unit. Students will also become familiar with the use of pie charts and several kinds of statistics.

Making a Chart of Agricultural Products of Venezuela

The purpose of this lesson is to teach students about the agricultural products of Venezuela and the relationship of agriculture and climate. Students will develop their skills to read and interpret maps and charts, and will be able to collect data to organize into a chart.

Tour of South America

Students will become familiar with a famous city, landmark, ancient ruin or natural wonder in South America.In order to grasp their understanding of what place they chose, students will create a slideshow with images and facts about the significance of that South American site to present to the class.
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