Dinosaurs in Argentina

In this lesson plan, students will understand why Argentina is a good place to search for dinosaur fossils and learn basic information about recent dinosaur excavations in Argentina.

South American Adventures

This lesson plan contains two lesson plans and additional information about South America including worksheets on different topics. In the first lesson, students will become familiar with physical maps and their functions, identify key mountain peaks of the Andes mountains of South America and use algebraic thinking to solve equations using positive and negative numbers.

Mapping South America

In this lesson students will examine different aspects of the South American continent including its geography, climate, industry and political boundaries. The goal of the lesson is to have students create a map of South America illustrating a particular aspect of the continent. Students will have a good understanding of different types of maps after this lesson.

Geography of South America

Students will become familiar with physical maps and their functions by creating a physical map of a portion of the Andes while learning about the geography, environment and human cultures of the Andes. Students will work in groups to conduct research about their assigned region of the Andes and will give an oral presentation with their group members.

Geography of Mexico and Central America

In this lesson students will compare and contrast the terrain of Mexico and the Central American countries and understand that geography helps shape the economic and cultural development of a country or region.

Introduction to Guatemala

This lesson plan provides an overall introduction to the country of Guatemala, which is borders the southern part of Mexico. Guatemala is a par of Central America and this lesson plan provides lessons in mathematics, social studies and more.

Looking at Ecology and Culture through Stories: Ecuador

This unit contains a brief background on Ecuador followed by 5 lesson plans directed to map reading, exploration of the regions of Ecuador and look into the overall natural environment. Attached at the end of this file is a detailed annotated bibliography.

Detailed Map of US-Mexico Border

This image includes a detail look at the US-Mexico Border including the most popular border towns. This image is helpful when teaching about the border and when becoming familiar with the region.

4 Detailed Maps of Mexico

This file includes 4 different and equally detailed maps of Mexico including the US-Mexico Border and the states within Mexico. This is a great guide when teaching the geography of Mexico and for students becoming familiar with the region.

Journey into Amazonia

This unit contains several lesson plans varying in grade level, length and topic about the Amazon. Each lesson mainly focuses on the geography and history of the Amazon.
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