Governor Castro Series: Segregation in the Southwest

This history lesson discusses the history of segregation in the Southwest using the life of Governor Raul H Castro as a backdrop.

Governor Castro Series: Labor Unrest in Cananea

This lesson guides students through primary source analysis to learn more about a labor dispute and subsequent massacre in Mexico. The lesson also uses Governor Castro's life as a backdrop because he was born in the area.

Revelant Resources from the University of Arizona's Worlds of Words (WOW)

This list includes just a few culture kits, blog post and book recommendations from the University of Arizona's Worlds of Words.

Project Gutenberg's Through the Brazilian Wilderness by Theodore Roosevelt

This e book is the primary account of Theodore Roosevelt and his expedition through the Brazilian "wilderness". His main concerns were mamma-logy and ornithology and is a great read to compare to how Brazil is represented now versus before.

The Free Trade Love Triangle: Prospects for the FTAA and EU-Mercosur FTA

This paper examines the current trade talks between the European Union, Latin American countries and the United States. This triangular relationship is complex and this paper tries to display the implications of these negotiations and the impact of China in Latin America.

Slavery in Brazil: Readings and Comprehension Excercises

This is a resource to be used when teaching about Slavery in Brazil and the country of Brazil in general. A map of the country is included along with 18 readings and a glossary of important terms used in the readings about slavery.

Situational Sacredness: Temporary Ritual Space and Authority in Ancient and Modern Honduras

This paper follows field research that bridges the disciplines of Archaeology, Anthropology, History and Economics. The focus is on collectivist pre-capitalist labor practices and religious ceremonies among both Lenca and Mayans in the contemporary Honduras.

Siestas and Fiestas: Images of Latin America in the United States History Textbooks

This resource explains that the United States education system is heavily dependent on textbooks. Therefore, it is important to have correct images that reflect Latin America in the most accurate way possible so that teaching about Latin America can be transparent and understandable. A good reading to assign to students to better understand misconceptions of Latin America through the lack of accurate images in textbooks or can be read by teacher to better understandthe topic of biases and inaccuracies relating to teaching Latin American studies.

"Parties, Pinatas and Plays" Christmas Script

This script gives students and teachers an idea of what Mexican Christmas Traditions are like and allows people to learn about these traditions in a fun and interactive way. Can be read out loud in a class using multiple students or even performed.

Latin American Food Worksheet

A fun worksheet to teach about the importance of the food corn in the Latin American diet.
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