African Influences in Latin America

This lesson plan focuses on how African culture has come to influence Latin America due to historical patterns of migration such as the movement of Africans to Latin America due to the need for slave labor during colonization and how African culture has come to influence food, music, culture and more.

Treasures of the Palice Pavilion

This learning packet mainly focuses on educating students on the history of Art in Mexico, particularly in Pre-Columbian times and allows students to create their own plaster or paper plate masks after learning about the significance of these masks within Mexico.

The Cost of Coffee

Students will examine the economic, health and environmental risks of a one-crop economy, such as the coffee economy in Honduras, in the developing world.

The Heritage of Puerto Rico and Cuba

This unit includes a comparative study between Puerto Rico and Cuba and it's relation to the rest of the Caribbean. This unit analyzes political, historic, economic, social and cultural events.

Thawing Relations Between Cuba and the U.S.

In this lesson, students will explore different facts of the historic relationship between Cuba and the United States. Students will compare Cuban's typical lifestyle with the lifestyle of student's hometown.

About Central America

Within this unit are a variety of lesson plans regarding Central America that ranger from primary grades to secondary grades. This is a great unit if you want an overview of all of Central America and fun diverse lesson plans.

Haiti Teachers Guide and Lessons

This guide includes multiple different lessons that help give an overview of Haitian values such as learning a Haitian greeting, understanding Haiti's location, facts about Haiti and more.

Extranjeros and Expansion

This lesson plan focuses on how indigenous people and settlements of Mexicans were affected by the United States westward expansion and allows students to review the different ways that Mexican citizens came to terms with the expansion of the United States.


In this lesson, students explore the concept of perspective by examining three distinct perspectives on the Columbus Quin-centenary. Students will recognize that a person's experience and world view influence their interpretation of historical events such as Columbus's arrival in the Americas.

The African Heritage of Latin America

This purpose of this lesson plan is to familiarize the student with the rich and varied African cultural heritage of Latin America.
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