Cracking the Mayan Code

In this activity, students see how scientists began to unravel the meaning of Maya glyphs and then determine their own birth date using the Maya Long Count calendar system. Students will understand use the Maya Long Count calendar system to calculate sums and explain some of the differences between the Maya and U.S. mathematical systems.

Flags of Latin America

Students will examine and records basic facts about a Latin American country, learn the significance of that country's flag and create a rendering of the flag explaining the meaning of its design including colors.

Sun Myths from Two Cultures

The purpose of this listen is to explore two different cultures' myths of the creation of the sun, and how the sun is a valued part of our environment and survival. Students will create a myth about the sun's origin, design a Sun Mask and perform a Sun Dance wearing their mask for a Sun Celebration in honor of the sun.

Reading a Folktale about Women in the Dominican Republic

In this lesson, students will be introduced to a new social image of Latin American women as pictured in this tale.

Description of Christmas in the Dominican Republic

In this lesson, students will be introduced to alternative forms of celebrating a major holiday. Climate, economy, customs and foreign influence all have a role in shaping the way we celebrate holidays. Students will read a description of how Christmas is celebrated in the Dominican Republic in order to gain a good understanding of this.

Bulletin Board Display: The Banana, From Guatemala to your Table

In this lesson, students will portray on a bulletin board or classroom wall the story of the banana. Students will learn how the history of the banana and how it is cultivated, transported and distributed.

Search for the Lost Cave People

In this lesson, students will examine primary source documents to draw inferences about 17th century American colonists.

Central American Activity Sheets

This packet has an activity sheet per each Central American country within Latin America. Each sheet gives a map of the country, background information and fun activities to do in order to test knowledge of specific country. Email our Outreach coordinator Clea Conlin at cconlin@email.arizona.edu for materials.

Reading About and Discussing the Role of Women in Slavery

In this lesson, students will learn some specific aspects of slavery and will also discover the role slave women played in shaping Caribbean culture and the struggle for abolishing slavery.

A Bucaneer Board Game

In this lesson, students will play a board game in order to become familiar with Caribbean geography by tracing a theoretical buccaneer route and will also become familiar with the products of colonial America.
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