Nortec: Fusion of Old Meets New

In this lesson, students will engage in meaningful conversations about their knowledge, experience and opinion of Nortec music. Students will interpret the meaning and history of Nortec music along with their knowledge of border issues. A final product will be created based on the fusion of old and new elements in the borderlands.

An Aymara Song

Aymara is another language spoken in Peru. Students will learn to sing an Aymara song.

Preparing a Latin American Day

This sheet provides a variety of activity ideas that students can enjoy in a fun day about Latin America. This can be used to finish off a long unit about Latin America.

On the Plains of Orinoco: Joropo Music in Colombia

In this lesson, students will investigate life on the Colombian Orinoco Plains through the exploration of Joropo music. Activities include Spanish attentive listening, cultural enrichment and musical interaction through singing,playing and moving. Note: Music used in lesson will need to be purchased from Smithsonian Folkways website.

Understanding Brazil through Literature and Music

In this unit, students will explore literature and music to gain an awareness and understanding of the history, people and culture of Brazil. Students will have the opportunity to listen to various types of Brazilian music and will make connections to the cultural and historical significance of these music forms. At the end, students will conduct research and present a final project that creatively brings together what they have experienced and what they have learned.

Bonkers for Bailecitos in Bolivia

In this series of three lessons, students will exercise critical listening, singing, dancing and playing instruments to traditional music of Bolivia. They will improvise rhythms, compose a song, and draw connections across a wide variety of disciplines. Note: Samples of music will need to be purchased from the Smithsonian Folkways website to accompany the lesson plans.

Dance Traditions of Argentina

The goal of the lesson is to introduce students to two contrasting dance traditions from Argentina: the Chacarera and the Tango. Note: The samples of music needed for this lesson will need to be purchased on the Smithsonian Folkways website. The link is included in the lesson plan.

Corridos Unit

Reading and slides by Dr. Celestino Fernandez who is apart of the Sociology Department here at the University of Arizona. Use reading and slides in information to assist with teaching about corridos. Email our Outreach Coordinator Clea Conlin at for access to the reading and slides.

South American Adventures

This lesson plan contains two lesson plans and additional information about South America including worksheets on different topics. In the first lesson, students will become familiar with physical maps and their functions, identify key mountain peaks of the Andes mountains of South America and use algebraic thinking to solve equations using positive and negative numbers.
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