History and Evolution of the Mariachi

This teacher's guide gives a great overview of Mariachi including the different theories on where the word "Mariachi" came from, background on the pioneers of mariachi music and different forms of mariachi music. This guide can easily be adapted into a lesson to be taught to all grade levels.

Son Joracho from Veracruz: Exploration of Music and Dance Forms

This lesson plan is adaptable and reaches levels from 3rd to 12th grade. Students will be able to listen to music, analyzing lyrics and beats while also getting to know the culture of Mexico through music and dance. The materials for the lesson include audio which needs to be purchased from Smithsonian Folkway site.

Spicy Salsa Lemon Merengue

This unit includes a lesson plan for each level of education including elementary, middle and high school. Students will be introduced to Latin American through music and will learn to appreciate other cultures. This lesson allows students to become familar with various artists in Latin America and even learn more about the histories of these music forms

Latin American Protest Songs: New Song of Chile and Cuba

In this lesson plan, students will learn about the music of the New Song movement by engaging with melodies, rhythms and lyrics of four selections from the Cancion Protesta: Protest Songs of Latin America album. This lesson highlights the role music can play in social protest, as well as the specific historical, political and cultural contexts of the songs.
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