U.S. Immigration: Linking Past to Present (Educational Film)



U.S. Immigration: Linking Past to Present* is a joint project from the Center for Latin American Studies and the Arizona State Museum. The seventeen-minute film, made possible by a generous grant from Arizona Humanities Council, gives a condensed overview of the history of U.S. Immigration Policy and aims to generate discussion about the complex political and social issues concerning immigration today.


In addition to clear and detailed explanations about different eras of immigration policy, the film also features Tucson-based immigrants from a variety of countries sharing their families’ stories spanning 400 years of immigration to what we call today the United States. The film was created as part of Arizona State Museum’s participation with the National Dialogues on Immigration, a program of the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience. Produced by local filmmaker Daniel Duncan and written and directed by Colin Deeds (Assistant LAS Director), Tadeo Pfister (Former LAS Outreach Coordinator) and Lisa Falk (Arizona State Museum Associate Curator of Education), the film will be used for outreach and educational purposes.


View the film and use it to stimulate a discussion: https://vimeo.com/160534172.


Accompanying the film are a variety of printable resources for educators, including a list of discussion questions, an immigration history timeline, and a list of online resources about immigration. They are available for download in PDF format below. Please contact Colin Deeds (colind@email.arizona.edu) or Lisa Falk (falk@email.arizona.edu)  with any questions about the film, the Center for Latin American Studies, or the Arizona State Museum educational programs.


*Any views, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this film do not necessarily represent those of the National Endowment for the Humanities, Institute of Museum and Library Services, or Arizona Humanities.