Tinker Field Research Grant

Tinker Symposium: Thursday, Nov. 5th

2015 Tinker Field Research Grant

The Tinker Foundation supports travel expenses for master’s and pre-dissertation fieldwork in Spanish/Portuguese-speaking Latin American or Caribbean countries during Summer 2015 (May through August). Applicants who plan to complete an MA or PhD thesis will be given priority over students who plan to utilize an examination option to complete their degree. Tinker applicants must comply with UA Human Subjects requirements.

  11th Annual TINKER SYMPOSIUM Nov. 5, 2015

LAS Center Presents: 11th Annual TINKER SYMPOSIUM Nov. 5, 2015

GetPersonaPhoto?email=rbjames%40email.arTinker Symposium for Graduate Field Research in Latin America is next week!  

There are 17 Graduate Student presentations from 9 Disciplines and 5 Colleges: Fine Arts, Public Health, Science, Education and Social & Behaviorial Sciences.

The Center for Latin America Studies invites you to come to our 11th Annual Tinker Symposium on Graduate Student Field Research in Latin America.  The Tinker Grant provides graduate students at the University of Arizona with the opportunity to undertake field research in a Latin American country of their choice for their Mater's thesis or Dissertation. We funded 17 students last summer, and they will be presenting their findings on Thursday, November 6, at the University of Arizona's Student Union. Please joint us to learn about their innovative projects and important results!

Welcome and Introduction, 8:30 to 9 am, Presidio Room, Student Union

4 sessions throughout the day, Student Union Presidio & Tubac Rooms (see program, below)

Keynote Speaker, Dr. Deborah Levernson "Telling Other People's Stories: The Gangs of Guatemala and the Politics of Death" Ventana Room

Reception: Open to All, 6:00 to 7:00 PM, Fourth Floor Terraces, Student Union

Co-sponsored by the Tinker Foundation, the Graduate College, and the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences



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