Departmental Faculty

Bacelar da Silva

Antonio José Bacelar da Silva

Associate Professor, Brazil Studies and Linguistic Anthropology

  • Race and antiracism
  • Language and social interaction
  • Qualitative research methodology
Marshall 288

Susan Brewer-Osorio

Assistant Professor, Political Science and Conflict Studies

  • Conflict and peace studies
  • State repressions and social movements
  • Drug policy and illicit networks
Javier Duran

Javier Duran

Professor, Border Studies

Director, Confluence Center

Administration 601

Stefanie Graeter

Assistant Professor, Latin American Health and Anthropology

  • Health and human rights
  • Toxicity and extractive capitalism
  • Race and environment

Ryan A. Kashanipour

Assistant Professor of Practice, Mesoamerican History, Health, Medicine, and Science

Chair, Southwest Seminar

  • Mesoamerican Ethnohistory
  • Epidemics and the Medical Humanities
  • Global Histories of Science
Kathleen C. O'Brien

Kathleen C. O'Brien

Assistant Professor of Practice, Anthropology & Andean Studies

Academic Coordinator

Project Coordinator, Study of the U.S. Institute (SUSI) on Women's Leadership

  • Religious conversion in Ecuador
  • Gender and feminisms
  • Intergenerational relations in indigenous communities
Marshall Building, Room 280A
Elizabeth Oglesby

Elizabeth Oglesby

Associate Professor, Latin American Studies and Geography

  • State Violence and memory
  • Migration and forced displacement
  • Political Economy and development
Marshall 286

Marcela Vásquez-León

Director & Professor, Environmental Anthropology

  • Grassroots collective organization
  • Political ecology
  • Rural development in Latin America
Marshall 287

Margaret Wilder

Professor, Environmental Studies in Mexico

  • Critical human-environment
  • Political ecology
  • Water governance