Departmental Faculty

Bacelar da Silva

Antonio José Bacelar da Silva

Assistant Professor, Brazil Studies and Linguistic Anthropology

  • Race and antiracism
  • Language and social interaction
  • Qualitative research methodology

Susan Brewer-Osorio

Assistant Professor, Political Science and Conflict Studies

  • Conflict and peace studies
  • State repressions and social movements
  • Drug policy and illicit networks
Javier Duran

Javier Duran

Professor, Border Studies

Director, Confluence Center

Stefanie Graeter

Assistant Professor, Latin American Health and Anthropology

  • Health and human rights
  • Toxicity and extractive capitalism
  • Race and environment

Ryan A. Kashanipour

Assistant Professor of Practice, Mesoamerican History, Health, Medicine, and Science

Chair, Southwest Seminar

  • Mesoamerican Ethnohistory
  • Epidemics and the Medical Humanities
  • Global Histories of Science
Kathleen C. O'Brien

Kathleen C. O'Brien

Assistant Professor of Practice, Sociocultural Anthropology and Andean Studies

Project Coordinator, Study of the U.S. Institute (SUSI) on Women's Leadership

Online Curriculum Specialist

  • Religious conversion in Ecuador
  • Gender and feminisms
  • intergenerational relations and youth in indigenous communities
Elizabeth Oglesby

Elizabeth Oglesby

Associate Professor, Latin American Studies and Geography

  • State Violence and memory
  • Migration and forced displacement
  • Political Economy and development

Marcela Vásquez-León

Director & Professor, Environmental Anthropology

  • Grassroots collective organization
  • Political ecology
  • Rural development in Latin America

Margaret Wilder

Professor, Environmental Studies in Mexico

  • Critical human-environment
  • Political ecology
  • Water governance