Delve into the politics, histories, cultures, and people of Latin America in our gen-ed and major courses.

Women protest on city street

Fall 2021

LAS 150B1: Modern Latin America – Race, Rights, and Revolutions
Instructor: Katie O'Brien
LEC: M,W 11-11:50

LAS 280: Brazilian Identity: Class, Race, and Citizenship
Instructor: Antonio Bacelar da Silva
Online: 1st seven-week session
Cross-listed: AFAS, ANTH, SPAN, PORT

LAS 354: Drugs and Violence in Mexico
Instructor: Ryan Kashanipour
LEC: TuTh 12:30 - 1:45

LAS 356: Indigenous Resistance in Latin America – Democracy from Below
Instructor: Liz Oglesby
LEC: TuTh 9:30AM - 10:30AM
Cross-listed PA, POL

LAS 363: #Black Lives Matter Across the Americas
Instructor: Antonio Bacelar da Silva
LEC T, TH 2-3:15
Cross-listed with AFAS, ANTH, SPAN, PORT

LAS 364: Development in 20th Century Latin America
Instructor: Katie O'Brien
LEC: M,W,F 1-1:50
Cross-listed with POL

LAS 500: Introduction to Latin American Studies
Instructor: Stefanie Graeter
LEC: M 3-5




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