Affiliate Faculty

Abraham Acosta

Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese

Carlos Alsua

Senior Lecturer, International Management and Global Entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneurial management
  • Market innovation
  • Global markets

Maribel Alvarez

Associate Dean, Community Engagement

Nadia Alvarez Mexia

Assistant Professor of Practice, W.A. Franke Honors College

  • Teaching Learning & Sociocultural Studies

Kevin Anchiukaitis

Chair, Global Change Graduate Interdisciplinary Program

  • Climate Science
  • Adaptation & Resilience Solution
  • Informatics & Modeling Earth Science & Remote Sensing

Nicole Antebi

Assistant Professor, School of Art

Alberto Arenas

Associate Professor, Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies

Santa Arias

Professor and Department Head, Spanish and Portuguese

Modern Languages 545

Adrián Arroyo

Associate Director, Faculty Programs

Faculty Affairs, Office of the Provost

  • Equity
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education
  • LGBTQ issues in Higher Education

Diane Austin

Director, School of Anthropology

Research Anthropologist (BARA)

Haury Anthropology Bldg. 210F

Damián Baca

Associate Professor, Department of Mexican American Studies

Cesar E Chavez Room 208

Jeffrey Banister

Director, Southwest Studies Center

Associate Research Scientist & Editor

Little Chapel of All Nations 110

Carl Bauer

Professor, School of Geography and Development

Environment and Natural Res. 2 (ENR2) S525

Paloma Beamer

Professor, Public Health

  • Environmental contaminants and their health risks
  • Border health
Drachman Hall Rm A223

Susan Beck

Professor, Global Seismology and Tectonics

  • Evolution of the North and South American Cordilleras
Gould-Simpson Bldg. 537

William Beezley

Professor, History

Social Sciences 228B

Laurel Bellante

Assistant Professor of Practice

Julio Betancourt

Research Hydrologist, U.S. Geological Survey

U.S. Geological Survey
Letter A at the side of the building

Katia de Costa Bezerra

Professor & Associate Head, Spanish & Portuguese

Stefano Bloch

Assistant Professor, School of Geography & Development

  • Cultural geography
  • Policing and gangs
  • Chicano/urbanism
Braitberg headshot

Victor Braitberg

Assistant Professor, Honors Interdisciplinary Faculty

Alex Braithwaite

Professor & Associate Director, School of Government & Public Policy

  • causes and contagion of violent and nonviolent conflict
  • Terrorism/protests/riots/civil and international war
Social Science Bldg 315

Michael M. Brescia

Curator of Ethnohistory, Arizona State Museum

Arizona State Museum 221N

James Buizer

Professor, School of Natural Resources and the Environment

Director of Climate Adaptation and International Development

Deputy Director, Institute of the Environment

  • Climate adaptation and sustainability
  • Global change management

Kevin Byrne

Assistant Professor of Theatre Studies, School of Theatre, Film and Television

  • Race theory and race studies
  • Minority drama and performance
  • Racial representation in US culture

Jose Francisco Cali Tzay

Lecturer in Law and Associate Director, IPLP Human Rights Clinical Programs

Room Number: RH, 215D

Julio Cammarota

Professor, Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies

Letter A at the side of the building

Maritza Cardenas

Assistant Professor, Department of English, Director of Global Studies

  • US Central American Studies
  • Latinx Studies
  • Cultural and Gender Studies

Megan Carney

Assistant Professor, School of Anthropology

  • Transnational migration
  • Migrant health
  • Food insecurity

Tracy Carroll

Lecturer, Family & Community Medicine

Herbert K. Abrams Bldg. 4320

Scott Carvajal

Professor, Public Health

Ana Maria Carvalho

Professor, Spanish & Portuguese

Modern Languages 545

Jill Castek

Associate Professor

Elena Centeno

Director of UNAM Center for Mexican Studies

Eliud Chuffe

Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese

Julia Cole

Professor of Geosciences

  • Climate and environmental change
  • Coral reefs
  • Drought

Sonia Colina

Professor, Spanish & Portuguese

  • Translation studies
  • Spanish phonology

Benedict Colombi

Professor, American Indian Studies

Faculty Director, Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs

Mary Carol Combs

Professor, Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies – College of Education

Juan Comesana

Professor, Philosophy

Malcolm Compitello

Professor, Spanish & Portuguese

Executive Editor, Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies

Ana Cornide

Assistant Professor, Spanish and Portuguese

Dawn Corso

Assistant Professor

Music Building, Room 147

Andrew Curley

Assistant Professor

  • Everyday incorporation of Indigenous nations into colonial economies
Letter A at the side of the building

Greg Cushman

Associate Professor, History

Jill De Zapien

Director, Border / Transborder and Binational Public Health

Christina Diaz

Assistant Professor of Sociology

  • International migration
  • Inequality and stratification
  • Health

Kristin Doran

Director of the Spanish Basic Language Program, Assistant Professor of Practice

  • Contemporary Peninsular and Luso-Brazilian Literature
  • Teaching Spanish as a Second Language
Modern Languages 552

Theodore Downing

Research Professor, Social Development – Arizona Research Laboratories

AZ Research Labs Annex 111

Burris Duncan

Professor Emeritus, Public Health & Pediatrics

  • Medical issues in children with special care needs
  • Global child health

Alain-Philippe Durand

Dean, College of Humanities

Professor, French and Italian

Modern Languages 345
Letter A at the side of the building

Justin Dutram

Assistant Vice President, Mexico Initiatives

Global Locations

John Ehiri

Professor and Department Chair, Department of Health Promotion Sciences

  • Social and behavioral aspects of disease prevention
  • Global health
  • HIV prevention and its global importance

Brian Enquist

Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Antonio Estrada

Professor, Mexican American & Raza Studies

Jaime Fatas

Director & Associate Specialist, Spanish Translation and Interpretation Program

Modern Languages 526

Julieta Fernandez

Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

  • L2 and cross-cultural pragmatics
  • Language learning in study abroad
  • Language learning and technology

Jim Field

Assistant Dean, Graduate Education – College of Engineering

Professor, Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Timothy J. Finan

Research Anthropologist, Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology

Haury Anthropology Bldg. 316D

Melissa Fitch

Professor, Spanish & Portuguese

Modern Languages 545
Letter A at the side of the building

Todd V. Fletcher

Associate Professor, Disability & Psychoeducational Studies – College of Education

Marla Franco

Assistant Vice Provost, Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) Initiatives

Faculty Affiliate, Center for the Study of Higher Education

George Frisvold

Extension Specialist, Agriculture & Resource Economics

Oliver Froehling

Adjunct Professor of Geography

  • Political ecology
  • NGO's
  • Digital media

Jay Gandolfi

Professor, Emeritus – College of Pharmacy

Gantz headshot

David A. Gantz

Professor, Retired – James E. Rogers College of Law

David O. Garcia

Associate Professor, Health Promotion Sciences

Director, Nosotros Comprometidos A Su Salud

Assistant Director of Community Outreach and Engagement, The University of Arizona Cancer Center

  • Development of gender and culturally-sensitive weight loss interventions for Hispanic males
Office of Community Outreach and Engagement The University of Arizona Cancer Center 1515 N. Campbell Ave. | Tucson, AZ 85724

David Gibbs


  • International relations and US politics

Patrisia Gonzales

Associate Professor, Mexican American & Raza Studies

Kevin Gosner

Associate Professor, History

David Graizbord

Associate Professor & Associate Director, Arizona Center for Judaic Studies

Linda Green

Professor, School of Anthropology

Jennie Gubner

Assistant Professor, Music

Chair, Applied Intercultural Arts Research – GIDP

  • Applied approaches to the study of music and dementia and creative aging
  •  Intergenerational tango bars as spaces of urban belonging in Buenos Aires
  •  Participatory music scenes as vehicles for social activism in South America and Southern Italy

Ruxandra Guidi

Assistant Professor of Practice

Jhonatan Henao-Munoz

Assistant Professor of Practice

  • L2/Ln Acquisition of Romance Languages and Heritage Languages
  • Translation in Language Learning and Technology-Enhanced Language Learning (TELL) - Machine Translation - Digital Literacies - Bi/multiliteracies
  • Glottopolitics - Inclusive / Non-binary Spanish language
Administration Room 402

Robert Henderson

Associate Professor of Linguistics

  • Mayan languages spoken in Guatemala

John G. Hildebrand

Regents Professor, Neuroscience

Letter A at the side of the building

Terrence Hill

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology

Director of Care, Health and Society Program

Secondary Appointment: Arizona Center on Aging

  • Medical sociology
  • Social epidemiology
  • Social inequality in health and human suffering

Laura Lopez Hoffman

Associate Professor, School of Natural Resources and the Environment

James C. Hopkins

Associate Specialist, James E. Rogers College of Law

Seánna Howard

Director, International Human Rights Advocacy Workshop

Professor of Practice

Affiliated Faculty Human Rights Practice & Latin American Studies

  • international human rights
  • indigenous peoples' rights
Dr. Huizar-Hernandez headshot

Anita Huizar-Hernandez

Assistant Professor, Spanish and Portuguese

Barbara Hutchinson

Program Manager, School of Natural Resources & the Environment

Maia Ingram

Co-Director, Arizona Prevention Research Center

  • Border health
  • Disease prevention
  • Hispanic health
1295 N. Martin Avenue Drachman Hall A214 PO Box: 245209 Tucson AZ 85724 (520) 626-2267

Takeshi Inomata

Professor, School of Anthropology

Letter A at the side of the building

Jennifer Jenkins

Professor, English

Richard Johnson

Assistant Director for Masters in Development Practice (MDP) Program

  • Consequences of expanded US border and immigration enforcement for migrant-sending communities in rural Central America

Edward Jolie

Associate Curator of Ethnology, Arizona State Museum

Clara Lee Tanner Associate Professor of Anthropology

  • Social learning context and cultural transmission of crafting knowledge
Arizona State Museum 308c-N
John Paul Jones III

John Paul Jones III

Dean, Global Education

Professor, Geography/Regional Development

Carmen King de Ramirez

Associate Professor

  • Online language education
  • International exchange
  • World languages for specific purposes (WLSP)
Modern Languages 522

Julian Kunnie

Professor, Religious Studies/Classics Studies

Kevin Lansey

Professor and Department Head, Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering and Mechanics

Patricia Lebensohn

Professor, Family & Community Medicine

Arizona Health Sciences 4320
Letter A at the side of the building

Geta LeSeur-Brown

Professor, Emerita – English

Modern Languages 488

Wilson de Lima Silva

Assistant Professor, Linguistics

  • Desano and Siriano languages
  • New methodologies for endangered language documentation and revitalization/conservation

Daniel Linder

Assistant Professor of Practice

  • Latin American composers and music in the United States
Music Bldg, Room 160

Diana Liverman

Regents' Professor

  • Climate impacts
  • Vulnerability and adaptation
  • Climate policy and mitigation especially in the developing world

Susan Lobo

UA Associate/Distinguished Visiting Scholar

  • Indigenous peoples worldwide
  • American Indians with a focus on contemporary issues
  • Urbanization and social change
Dr. Lutes headshot

Todd O. Lutes

Associate Professor, Political Science – UA South

Maurice Rafael Magana

Maurice Rafael Magana

Assistant Professor in Mexican American Studies

Yuri Makino

Associate Professor, School of Theatre, Film and Television

Associate Director, Film and Television

  • US Mexico border

Patricia Manning

Evaluation Specialist, Campus Health Service

Elisa Marchi

Assistant Professor of Practice

Human Rights Attorney

Executive Committee Member

Daniel Martinez

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Sharon Megdal

Director, Water Resources Research Center (WRRC)

350 North Campbell Ave.  Tucson, AZ 85719 

Teresa Miguel-Stearns

Associate Dean, Legal Information Innovation

Director, Law Library & Professor of Law

  • Latin American law and politics
  • Legal research
  • Foreign and international law

John Milbauer

Professor of Music, Fred Fox School of Music

  • Piano music of Mexican composer Manuel M. Ponce

Shefali Milczarek-Desai

Associate Clinical Professor of Law

Director of the Workers’ Rights Clinic

Co-Director of the Bacon Immigration Law and Policy Program

  • Legal rights and well-being of immigrant workers in essential industries
  • Racial justice for immigrant women nursing home aides working in long-term care

Thomas Miller


  • Distributed forms of leadership that enable collective action and recent changes in literacy and literacy studies
Modern Languages 365

Lisa Molomot

American Documentary Producer, Director and Editor

Jadwiga Pieper Mooney

Associate Professor, History

Monica Morales

Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese

Katherine Morrissey

Associate Professor, History

Kaitlin Murphy

Assistant Professor of Spanish and Portuguese

  • Visual culture
  • Cultural memory
  • Transnational justice

Gary Paul Nabhan

Research Social Scientist, Southwest Studies Center

Little Chapel of All Nations 185

Alexander Eduardo Nava

Professor, Religious Studies/Classics

Anna Ochoa O'Leary

Professor & Department Head, Mexican American Studies

Antxon Olarrea

Professor, Spanish & Portuguese

David Ortiz

Associate Professor, History

Letter A at the side of the building

Tracey Osborne

Associate Professor, School of Geography and Development

Environment and Natural Res. 2 (ENR2) S527

Francisco Javier Osorio Zago

Assistant Professor, School of Government and Public Policy

  • Organized crime
  • Political violence
  • Computerized event data
Social Sciences 315

Thomas Patterson

Professor, School of Music

Slonaker House 214

Erika Perez

Associate Professor

  • History of the American West and the Spanish Borderlands

V. Spike Peterson

Professor, School of Government & Public Policy

Social Sciences 318B

Jose Luis Puerta

Assistant Professor of Music

  • Latin American music
Music Bldg, Room 246

Sergio Puig

Professor of Law

Director, International Trade and Business Law Program

  • International economic law
  • International arbitration
  • Law and society
College of Law Room Number: 243

Cristina Ramirez

Associate Professor of English, Department of English

Program Director for the Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English Graduate Program

  • Underrepresented rhetorics
  • K-12 Learning and research
  • Curriculum development
Dr. Reineke headshot

Robin Reineke

Research Social Scientist, Southwest Center

  • Migration
  • Forensics
  • Medical anthropology
Little Chapel of all Nations 112

Jeannine Elisa Relly

Associate Professor, School of Journalism

Letter A at the side of the building

Iliana Reyes

Professor, Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies – College of Education

Veronica Reyes-Escudero

Department Head, Special Collections


Main Library, Rm. C211

Ulisis Ricoy

Associate Research Scientist

Faculty Director, NSCS

  • Broaden access and participation in Neuroscience from marginalized populations on both sides of the border
Rm 624A Gould-Simpson

Marcelo Rodriguez

Assistant Librarian

Foreign, Comparative and International Law Librarian

  • COVID-19 in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Access to Information in Latin America and the Caribbean

Roberto Rodriguez

Associate Professor, Mexican American & Raza Studies

Andrea Romero

Vice Provost

Faculty Affairs

  • Community-based participatory action research methods to end health disparities in underprivileged communities

Cecilia Rosales

Associate Dean, Phoenix Programs

Professor, College of Public Health

Jennifer Roth-Gordon

Associate Professor, School of Anthropology

Haury Anthropology Bldg. 301

Raquel Rubio-Goldsmith

Adjunct Lecturer, Mexican American & Raza Studies

Joaquin Ruiz

Vice President, Innovation - Office for Research and Discovery & Dean, College of Science

Professor, Geosciences

Dereka Rushbrook

Associate Professor, School of Geography and Development

Christian Ruvalcaba

Research Coordinator, Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry

  • Language and place identity in the Arizona-Sonora region
  • Opata languages and communities
  • Applied linguistics/ linguistic theory and education

Scott Saleska

Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Biosciences West 510

Anthony Sanchez

Associate Librarian

  • Peer learning models
  • Ethical archiving practices
  • BIPOC and LGBTQ+ representation in technology education

Lisa Sanchez

Assistant Professor

  • Congressional politics
  • Public policy (health and immigration)
  • Identity politics
Social Sciences 318D

Jennifer Saracino

Assistant Professor, Art

  • Nahua relationships to the natural and built environment as reflected in the visual culture of early colonial Mexico

Beverly Seckinger

Professor (School of Theatre, Film & Television)

Thomas E. Sheridan

Research Anthropologist, Southwest Center

Little Chapel of All Nations

Jeffrey C. Silvertooth

Associate Dean & Director, Cooperative Extension / Economic Development / Services

Professor, Soil/Water and Environmental Science

William Simmons

Professor of Gender and Women's Studies

Director of Human Rights Practice Program

  • Advancements of human rights for marginalized populations around the globe

Sandra Soto

Associate Professor, Women's Studies

Letter A at the side of the building

Charles R. Sterling

Professor, Emeritus – Veterinary Science & Microbiology

Veterinary Science & Microbiology 304A 

Richard Stoffle

Professor of Anthropology

Research Anthropologist (BARA)

  • Relationship between federal agencies and traditional peoples
Emil W. Haury Building, Room 319A

Lucy Swanson

Assistant Professor

  • How historical narratives and political discourse are reflected in recent francophone literary and visual culture
Modern Languages, Room 576

Michelle Tellez

Assistant Professor in Mexican American Studies

Beth Tellman

Assistant Professor

  • Flood risk and land use change
  • Illicit transactions in urbanization and deforestation in Mexico and Central America

Gary D. Thompson

Professor & Department Head, Agricultural & Resource Economics

McClelland Park 304C
Dr. Triadan wearing a hardhat working in the field

Daniela Triadan

Professor, School of Anthropology

Haury Anthropology Bldg. 404A

Beatriz Urrea

Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese

Modern Languages 532

Juan Valdes

Professor, Hydrology and Water Resources

Civil Engineering 206
Letter A at the side of the building

Gabriela Valdez

Director, Global Education

Assistant Professor of Practice

Interim Director of Global Health Program

  • Global health
  • Health Promotion
Drachman Hall A317A
Varady headshot

Robert Varady

Research (Full) Professor of Environmental Policy

  • Water security and policy
  • Environmental policy
  • Global water initiatives

Frank A. von Hippel


  • Nexus of ecotoxicology
  • Mechanisms of toxicity
  • Health disparities in Indigenous communities
Drachman Hall, Bldg. A A229

Benjamin Wilder

Director, AIR Desert Laboratory on Tumamoc Hill

Associate Research Scientist, School of Natural Resources and the Environment

  • Desert ecology
  • Botany
  • Biogeography

Ada Wilkinson-Lee

Associate Professor, Department of Mexican American Studies

  • Latino health disparities

Robert Williams

Regents Professor, E Thomas Sullivan - Law / American Indian Studies

Rogers Rountree Hall 308

Amanda Wolfe

Senior Director of Global Programs

College of Law Room Number: 275

David Yetman

Research Social Scientist, Southwest Studies Center

Southwest Studies Center

Ofelia Zepeda

Regents’ Professor of Linguistics

Affiliated Faculty, American Indian Studies

  • Tohono O'odham
  • Survey of Native languages
  • Language revitalization and documentation