Dual M.A. LAS/Public Administration

The Joint Degree in Public Administration and Latin American Studies is an ideal option for students wishing to go into non-profit or public sector work with a focus on Latin America. The degree will be granted upon the completion of a minimum of 60 units in Public Administration and Latin American Studies and related fields and by meeting the minimum Portuguese and Spanish language requirements.  The requirements are summarized as follows:

LAS Joint Pogram Requirements

  • 3 units for LAS 500 – Introduction to Latin American Studies
  • 15 units in primary discipline or thematic area
  • 9 units public administration courses with assignments focusing on Latin America
  • Language requirement met by Spanish 330 and Portuguese 305 or Spanish 251 and Portuguese 325 or equivalency exam.
  • 6 units to be completed through:
  • 3 units for independent research with major paper focusing on Latin America or 3 units of elective LAS coursework, plus 3 units of internship which can substitute for 3 units of the MPA internship.
____  36 units total 

MPA Joint Program Requirements:

___27 units total”
For more information, contact Colin Deeds (LAS Director of Graduate Studies) colind@email.arizona.edu or Diane Darling (PA Graduate Programs Manager) dianedarling@email.arizona.edu