Dual M.A. LAS/Public Health

The MPH/MA Dual Degree Program allows students to earn a Master of Public Health and a Master of Arts degree in Latin American Studies (LAS).  It is ideal for any student wishing to go into the public health field, but with a focus on Latin America. This dual degree program offers students the opportunity for interdisciplinary study allowing them to customize their dual degree by selecting any one of eight MPH concentration areas and by taking electives addressing issues relevant to Latin American populations.   The minimum number of required units varies based on the MPH. concentration.  A minimum of 50% of credit hours must be unique to each degree and cannot be used for dual credit.  


Latin American Studies (LAS) MA Requirements (36+ graduate units)

·    LAS 500, Introduction to Latin American Studies (3 units)

·       LAS 550 Research Methods Course (required for students completing thesis), Or Interdisciplinary Seminar Course approved by LAS advisor (3 units)

·       Courses from primary discipline or thematic area (identified by student with LAS advisor approval) for a total of 15 units.

·    International public health courses with assignments focusing on Latin America or U.S. – Mexico border (9 units)

·    Thesis or Public Health/LAS Internship – 6 units to be completed through:  6 unit thesis or 3 – 6 units Public Health/LAS Master’s Report “Internship” and/or approved elective course work. (6 units)

·    Language requirement met by Spanish 330 and Portuguese 305 or Spanish 251 and Portuguese 325 or equivalency exam


Master in Public Health Requirements (42 – 47 units)

Core Courses (15 units)

CPH 573A     Basic Principles of Epidemiology (3)

CPH 574     Public Health Policy and Management (3)

CPH 575      Environmental and Occupational Health (3)

CPH 576A    Biostatistics for Public Health (3)

CPH 577     Sociocultural and Behavioral Aspects of Public Health (3)

      Internship Preparation Workshop (required; non-credit)


CPH 909     Master’s Report “Internship” (3-6 units)*


Required Concentration Courses (12 - 27 units)*

The list of required courses can be found in this catalog listed under each of the MPH disciplines.  These requirements may change from year to year and are specific to the year of acceptance into the MPH program.


Electives (6-12 units)* – Approved by Faculty Mentor

*The number of units and prerequisite courses varies based on the MPH concentration.  A minimum of 50% of credit hours must be unique to each degree and cannot be used for dual credit.


With further questions, contact Colin Deeds (LAS Director of Graduate Studies) colind@email.arizona.edu or Amy Glicken (PH Recruitment and Admissions coordinator) aglicken@email.arizona.edu