Tinker Summer Travel Grant Recipients Summer 2016

The Center for Latin American Studies funded Summer Travel Grants for a total of 20 masters and doctoral students from departments across the University of Arizona to conduct original research in 9 countries in Latin America in the summer of 2016. They are listed below by department and with their destination country.


Center for Latin American Studies

Emily McIntosh - Mexico

Andrea Jimenez - Colombia

Claudia Diaz Combs - Ecuador


Spanish and Portuguese

Lara Adolfo Bejar - Mexico



Elise Bell - Argentina



Danielle Blalock - Chile



Elisabeth Blin - Brazil



John Sebastian Jimenez - Chile


Second Language Acquisition and Teaching

Diego Fernando Macias - Colombia


School of Anthropology

Juan Palomo - Guatemala

Sarah Renkert - Ecuador

Mary-Caitlyn Valentinsson - Argentina


School of Geography and Development

Karla Rascon-Garcia - Brazil

Emilie Schur - Mexico


College of Public Health

Elizabeth Reardon - Brazil


Family Studies and Human Development

Maura Shramko - Nicaragua


These LAS  students received Foreign Language Area Studies scholarships for summer language study:

Emily Ellis - K’iche in Guatemala

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