Jadwiga Pieper Mooney

Associate Professor, History

In my research and teaching, I focus on Latin America, Gender, and Comparative/Global and World History. I am especially interested in human rights, women's rights, gender equity, and notions of inclusion and exclusion in the making of modern nations. My first book, The Politics of Motherhood: Maternity and Women's Rights in Twentieth-Century Chile (Pittsburgh University Press, 2009), presents a study of citizenship rights in Chile through the lens of gender analysis.

In the past decade I have taught a wide variety of courses in Latin American History, as well as courses in Global and Comparative History. Those included different approaches to teaching Modern Latin America, US-LA Relations, Oral History, Histories of Gender and Sexuality in Europe and the Americas, Histories of Latin American Revolutions, and Gender and Sexuality in Latin American History. Most recently, I developed and taught a new course titled Colony to Nation to the 21st Century: Politics and Culture in Chilean History and a Graduate Colloquium, Readings in Latin American History: Early Nation-Building to the 21st Century. I am looking forward to teaching a course with a focus on The Global 1960s and on the History of the Cold War when I return from field research. Currently, I am in the process of designing a course proposal on Histories of the Irish Diaspora in the Americas. I am also excited about developing a syllabus and teaching a new course on World History in the near future.