Victor Braitberg

Assistant Professor, Honors Interdisciplinary Faculty

Honors Interdisciplinary Faculty member Dr. Victor Braitberg is an Assistant Professor whose training is in Sociocultural Anthropology.  He directs the Honors College program with The Colibri Center for Human Rights whose internship component is focused on supporting forensic scientists in their efforts to identify missing and deceased migrants.  The academic component of the project is an upper division seminar focused on the political, economic, social, and cultural forces that have produced the structural vulnerabilities contributing to the deaths of thousands of Mexican and Central American undocumented migrants. As a member of the Medical Anthropology faculty of the School of Anthropology he has directed numerous graduate reading courses focused on the intersections between embodiment, surveillance, and the political-economy of science, technology, and medicine.

Research Interests:  Medical Anthropology, Science and Technology Studies, social inequality, governmentalities of health care organization and delivery, imaginaries of information and communication technology, cultures of expertise, politics of knowledge, political economy of rural and indigenous health care, history of science, technology, and medicine, history of cybernetics, social theory.