Center For Latin American Studies Faculty and Staff


   Brenda Peotte 2012

The Latin American Studies program is fortunate to include 140 outstanding affiliated faculty from  top ranked departments on campus such as Anthropology, Sociology, Public Policy, Public Health and Journalism.

  • LAS currently has 5 core facutly with particular strenghts in Mexico, Brazil, Environmental Studies, Border Studies, Indigenous Studies, and Women’s Studies; as well as a smaller group of faculty focused on other Central and South American countries.
  • LAS has an experienced and dedicated staff that provide administrative and outreach support for the center and greater University.
  • LAS is currently recieving funding from the Departement of Education as a Title VI resource center and the program coordinator conducts outreach programs with k-12 students and the greater University.

LAS Core Faculty:

  • Dr. Marcela Vásquez-León, Director, Latin American StudiesTel: (520) 626-7242
  • Dr. Marcela Vásquez-León, Associate Professor in Anthropology / Associate Research Anthropologist (BARA) Tel: 520.621.6282
  • Dr. Elizabeth Oglesby, Associate Professor, Geography and Center for Latin American StudiesTel: 520-621-5799
  • Dr. Margaret Wilder, Associate Professor of Latin American studies and in the School of Geography and Development, Tel: (520) 626-4393
  • Dr. Jennifer Cyr, Assistant Professor Government and Public Policy and Latin American Studies,



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